Donating to the trust

Funding support is essential to the operation of Ozanam House. While Ozanam House receives Ministry of Health funding support to accommodate patients undergoing treatment at Palmerston North Hospital, it would be absolutely impossible to for Ozanam House to provide this service to cancer patients and their caregivers without additional donations from grateful guests and their families.

The Trust Secretary, Mr Roger Clark, says that while there is no obligation of any kind for people to donate to Ozanam House, many people are so overwhelmed by the role played by the facility in their recovery, they will often donate as much as they can afford.

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Donate using your Credit or Debit card or Bank Account Transfer (account2account)

The safe, secure, easy way to help. (Note: We use Windcave as our payment gateway on this website - The safer, easier way to donate online!)


An ONLINE donation using either your credit card or debit card via account2account is the most preferred method press the DONATE NOW above, the safer easier way to donate online.

Ozanam House Trust is an approved donee organisation. All donations will be acknowledged with a receipt which can be used to claim a donation tax credit.

Charity Number CC28473 IRD number 019 562 417

account2account is an alternative to a credit card transaction.  Designed to accept online payments directly from your bank account in real time, by creating a one-off online payment utilising the online banking system. Online electronic donations are preferred as the safe, secure, easy way to donate. We use Windcave as our secure payment gateway.


Our account is 06-0729-0313001-26

The Ozanam House Trust, ANZ Bank, Palmerston North. This donation process avoids transaction fees and is preferred.

Please put your name as a reference when depositing money in our account. And email confirmation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You may care to make your contribution by way of bequest, leaving the trust a donation in your Will. If you incur a cost in altering your Will to include a bequest the Trust will meet the cost for you. You will find that most solicitors will act free of charge if you are making a bequest to a charity.


Submit a donation receipt

The easiest way to claim your donation tax credit is online in myIR - and you'll receive your refund sooner.Using myIR means Inland Revenue are able to work out your tax credit without you having to file a claim when the tax year ends on 31 March.You can submit your receipts any time throughout the tax year or submit them all together at the end of the tax year. You need to wait till after end of the tax year to receive your tax credit.

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